Our Mission

We regularly organise lectures, seminars, exhibitions, excursions and similar events on the subject of cleanroom technology. Our events provide a platform for learning, networking and inspiration.

SwissCCS endeavours to promote education and research in the field of cleanroom technology. Our main goal is to constantly expand and improve the knowledge, skills and competences of our members.

We believe in transparency and knowledge sharing. Therefore, we make it our mission to make information on cleanroom technology available to both the public and interested groups.

In addition, we strive to acquire experts, equipment and information to achieve our goals and continuously improve our work. Our endeavour is to provide the best resources to achieve and maintain the highest standards in cleanroom technology.

Another focus of our work is the development and promotion of guidelines and standards in the field of cleanroom technology. Through our efforts, we hope to continue to drive progress and quality in this field.



What is it exactly?

Cleanroom technology refers to the technologies and processes used to create and maintain the clean environments required for certain applications such as the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. A cleanroom is a controlled environment with minimal levels of particles, microorganisms and other contaminants.

Cleanroom technology includes the use of HEPA filters, air showers, special floor coverings and clothing to ensure the cleanliness of the environment. Controlling temperature, humidity and airflow is also critical. Compliance with cleanroom requirements is essential to ensure the quality, reliability and performance of products and processes.

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