ISCC'18, 23 - 26 september 2018, the Hague Netherlands

The International Symposium will cover a variety of topics related to contamination control: physical, chemical, and biological in gases, fluids, and on solid surfaces as well as process contamination. We invite contributions in these and related fields relevant to contamination control and cleanliness.  

From the 23rd to the 26th of September, 2018, The Hague in the Netherlands will be the capital of “contamination control and clean controlled rooms”. VCCN is working on a high quality programme with participation of national and international experts in our field. The theme of this year’s symposium will be “The world behind contamination control”.  The theme will be divided in seven important disciplines:

  • Health Care
  • Life Sciences
  • Micro-Nano Electronics
  • Photonics
  • Micro Assembly
  • Food
  • Space

For further information please refer to the symposiums homepage.


Cleanzone - the cleanroom event an der Messe Frankfurt vom 23. und 24. Oktober 2018


Perfektion trifft auf Hightech: Die Cleanzone bietet am 23. und 24. Oktober 2018 Reinraumtechnik für die sichere Produktion von hochtechnologischen Spitzenprodukten. Die Fachmesse richtet sich an alle Industrien, die im Rein- oder Sauberraum produzieren – von der Pharmaindustrie über die Medizintechnik bis zur Mikrotechnologie.



CleanroomExpertsDays in CH-Wangen a. Aare

Cleanroom Academy



6.11.18 CleanroomExpertsDays  Reinraum: Wartung und Instandhaltung

7.11.18 CleanroomExpertsDays  Reinraum: Sauberkeit, Reinheit und Hygiene

4.12.18 CleanroomExpertsDays  Reibraum und Spital- 1 Thema, 2 Welten

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