SwissCCS Cleanroom Technology course from 13/14 September 2021

13. September 2021
Lehrgang Reinraumtechnik "Basis& Fachkompetenz"

Training based on the VDI 2083 Bl.15 documents and certified according to the international guidelines of the ICCCS (International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies).

After this training
- Know the current rules of technology in the cleanroom sector
- Avoid production downtimes and save your company costs
- You will be fit in all questions concerning your everyday life in the cleanroom
- Know what the risks are for the product, your company and yourself and how you can protect yourself
- Are you aware of the special features of cleanroom operation and behave correctly
- Have you sharpened your eye for the big picture and the details

Target group
Basic competence seminar
- Cleanroom personnel in production, research and development
- Cleaning personnel
- Maintenance and repair specialists
- Quality control

Basic and specialised skills seminar
- Cleanroom managers
- Operating engineers, department heads
- Project managers and planning specialists
- Quality management staff
- Employees in the Authorisation / Regulatory Affairs department